The Concrete Jungle: Uncovering the Mystery of Wild Parrots in Southern California

by Madison Most

Photo by Sándor Havasi

It was a mild and clear winter day some two or three years ago. I had set out on a hike with a friend in Malibu’s renowned Escondido Falls trail, just off Pacific Coast Highway near Point Dume. A well-traveled trail, Escondido Falls did not present us with many wildlife species that day other than a couple of squirrels and a few crows. Right as we were nearing the end of the trail and about to re-enter the access road, a cacophony of squawks echoed through the canyon. Overhead, a flock of some ten or fifteen iridescent green birds fluttered about in a rather raucous and ungainly fashion. From their vibrant plumage, brash vocals, and distinctive body shape it was indisputable that they were parrots. But a flock of wild parrots? In Southern California?

I was actually quite excited to catch a glimpse of these infamous birds that I had heard tales of from friends and acquaintances. They had become somewhat of an urban legend in the LA area. No one could tell me however, how they arrived here or how they managed to survive and procreate in a land far from their home.

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